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Simply: These are the best videos relating to the issue

Stopping The Genocide of Western Culture.
as well as,
Educational videos regarding Chain Migration.

These are arguably the most informative Videos.
However, you're entitled to choose different clips, as well.
But, here's a few, for starters:

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The Media dictates how we should think. And, they've brainwashed the African American population into believing that Endless Migration is good.  (Mainly because it's negative for American Society. And somehow, this should be enticing.    Obviously, African Americans are most impacted by Mass Immigration.  Immigrants settle into their communities.  And their standard of living has diminished quickly.   Another byproduct is the enormous rise in housing expenses, such as rent.

You'll notice that Roy beck has been trying to reach Congress, for two decades and running.   But amazingly, our government refuses to listen.  The Media plays a large part in covering things up.   Additionally, Journalists deliberately wastes enormous time clustering our Newspapers with meaningless articles.   For example: The top story on NBC Today Show, which tells women how to budget her busy schedule.  These types of News Segments fill the airwaves. 

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Regarding Tim Wise: He has lectured at over 600 college campuses. (See : Impact regarding other lectures.) He has trained teachers, corporate employees, non-profit organizations and law enforcement officers. Yet, not one person objected ? This seems like a typical case of Overkill on their part.
In September, 2010; a group of Construction Workers at JC Penney (Poughkeepsie gallaria) listened to Wise's program over the loud speaker. His message surely gets around. Time Wise: Jewish father. No comment. (Relevant?)

 We decided to thoroughly research the information within these videos.  It's proven to be 100% accurate.  Most surprisingly, the remarks made by Nicolas Sarkozy were quite easy to locate. Sarkozy also called for Subsidy of mosques in order to encourage Islamic growth.

Sarkozy was first praised by the European Jewish press. But, those French-Muslim ties quickly changed their position.
Oddly, the media never addressed Sarkozy's intentions of melding French society. But, his policy to raise the minimum age of retirement from 60 to 62 was covered extensively.
There's hope for France in the person of Marine Le Pen. She's likely to lead the anti-immigration, anti-Islam platform.
We must remain aware; since political figures generally cannot be trusted. After all, The US Congress in 2011 has yet to pass Legislation to repeal Chain Migration.

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